Semiotics & Competitor analysis

Currently the market leaders as individual brands in the toothpaste market are Colgate, Sensodyne and Oral-B, and after those comes Aquafresh. Colgate UK has maintained its leading position, and not much change has happened lately in the competitive landscape of toothpaste market. GlaxoSmithKline, who owns Aquafresh and Sensodyne, is the second-placed player in toothpaste market, and has 19% value share of overall oral care. Next with 18% share is Procter & Gamble, due to the success of Oral-B.

As you can see from the picture, they have all separated themselves from each other, by using different style of semiotics. Aquafresh semiotics is the most family orientated and they use calm tones as their main colors, without forgetting their signature blue and red stripes. Colgate heavily uses the color red, which indicates excitement,passion and sex, in fact they use beauty as their main appeal. They also rely on celebrity endorsement. Oral-B is no stranger to celebrity endorsement. However, they are more informational and use more testimonials and expert power. Color blue also indicates that their brand is smart, trustworthy and royal.

In order for Aquafresh to reach a higher market share, they could consider a more brave and innovative use of semiotics, like their competitors do. Using the Captain Aquafresh with real life people, maybe even celebrities or professionals, could make it more appealing also for the parents/adults. Using more information and text might improve the trust and communicaton between their customers.


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