Portfolio Item 1- Facebook Post

The Concept

We all did it! Too much chocolate once again…

Luckily with the help of Aquafresh the whole family can enjoy chocolate without jeopardizing their teeth. So remember to use Aquafresh during the holidays!

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The Rationale

This post’s tone of voice is informative and fun and the core message is “A choice for the whole family”. The aim is to reach mums and dads, by appealing to the health benefits of Aquafresh. The objective is to build brand loyalty amongst parents and enhance the engagement and communications between the brand and the consumers. As MillwarBrown (2016) states in digital media planning report, that when it comes to advertising in social media, it is not necessarily about the numbers, but about the engagement level of the followers. Therefore, Aquafresh needs to be active and interesting in their Facebook page.

According to Mintel Oral care report 2014, Aquafresh is seen as boring and old-fashioned compared to its competitors. Their competitors have also established themselves better amongst consumers, where as Aquafresh struggles to reach adult audiences. This creates their challenge of reaching parents as consumers as well as freshening their brand image.

The Mintel report also states, that Aquafresh competitors are engaging and performing strong in their social media platforms. Colgate for example has managed to create trustworthy and accessible image with the help of social media. Aquafresh on the other hand, has poor and inactive social media platforms, and most of the engagement in their social media pages is negative. In order for Aquafresh to perform as well as Oral-B and Colgate, they must put more focus and effort for its social media advertising and communications.

According to an article by Dobele in Marketing Intelligence & Planning 2010; Social media has altered conventional marketing methods. Okazaki et al (2006) supports this idea in their article in Journal of Advertising, stating that it provides a platform for companies to advertise their brand and product globally at an affordable cost, also enhancing customer empowerment, opportunities to co-create, and two-way communications. In addition, social media is a good place to show seasonal adverts, as it is low cost and the company can decide itself when the ads are posted.

Parents are the main target audience for Aquafresh. Morrison reports in Adweek (2016) “more than 90% of both moms and dads found social media somewhat extremely helpful to their parenting”. Marketers can reach them better and earn more credibility amongst parents by using social media platforms.According to Mintel’s report millennial parents use Facebook the most out of all the social media platforms, which makes it a good platform for Aquafresh.

According to Cormier’s report (2010) Facebook today take 23 per cent of online advertising, which makes it an important tool of advertising. Boateng and Okoe statets in the journal of creative communications(2015) that, there is a positive relationship between attitudes and credibility towards social media. They believe social media is liked because consumers believe it has no risk and they can trust the information provided by social media advertisement. In order to keep it credible, companies ought to create good impressions by fulfilling its promises to consumers.


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