Portfolio Item 2- Advert for Social Networks

The Rationale

Fleetwood the marketing manager for Aquafresh states that consumers make toothpaste purchase decision mainly based on price, rather than health benefits. Therefore, toothpaste brands have difficulties to differentiate themselves and create brand loyalty among consumers. According to a oral care report by Mintel (2016) Aquafresh main target is mum’s, however, it is seen as the children’s toothpaste. Which creates the creative challenge of reaching mums and dads also as consumers and not only as customers of the brand.

According to Mintel report of marketing to mums (2015); the lives of mothers today have changed enormously over the past several decades, however, marketing hasn’t been evolving fast enough with those changes. In order to appeal to mothers, marketers need to alter the expectations and stereotypes they have of being a parent. Mothers don’t want to see adverts of virtuous, moral and always striving for perfection around us, but instead they want to see more real families and realistic situations. Today, also diversity and ethicality are qualities that mum’s value and want to see in advertisement.According to Baxter et al. (2016) also dads want to see more diverse families and nontraditional settings in adverts. Another important factor, that needs to be taken into consideration when advertising to parents, is concern of health and wellbeing for their families.

Regarding what mums today want to see in advertisement, Aquafresh’s new campaign will focus on real families. These are the two example adverts. However,there will be more online adverts like these with different kind of families and ethnicities. Tone of voice will be informative, yet emotionally appealing and the core message is again “A choice for the whole family”. The objective for this concept is to create brand loyalty and awareness, by supporting the same values as Aquafresh’s target audience. Furthermore, supporting gay rights will build brand image and CSR, creating stronger brand equity. This will differentiate Aquafresh from their competitors, as same sex couples and diversity aren’t part of their advertising strategies yet.

These adverts will be posted in blogs, such as Mumsnet and Netmums. According to Mintel report (2015) 29% of mums find new products on online parenting communities. Josefa et al. article about the effectiveness of web ads supports that web adverts are an effective platform for reaching parents; they state that generally online advertising inspires greater trust than conventional media advertising does. This is why social networks aimed at mums is a good way to start creating engagement and trust between Aquafresh and the parents.

The advert is showing the real life family but still including the fantasy element by using the Captain Aquafresh. The adverts will have different information depending on the product that is advertised, however, all of them will be informing the health benefits and highlighting that is suitable for the whole family (Children 6+->). With this advert, Aquafresh can hopefully earn trust and brand loyalty with parents, and be the number one toothpaste for the whole family.





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