Portfolio Item 3- Bloggers

The Concept-Example of the blog post:

However, it will include more detail of the health benefits, which Aquafresh professionals will give to the bloggers. Also it will have pictures of the parents and kids brushing their teeth and other optional photos the blogger wants to use.



 Aquafresh, freshness for the whole family

 Many of you have asked about my and my son’s dental care, so I decided to share my families dental care routines. I am sure we are all aware of the basics: Brush you teeth twice a day, use mouthwash and regular dentist checks. However, how many are aware of the specifics for brushing your kids teeth?

Aquafresh asked me to join them for an informative session about taking care of the whole family with the same toothpaste (You can find information about it here: https://www.aquafresh.co.uk/kids-products.html) I must admit before this, I used to buy different toothpaste for my husband and me, and toothpaste aimed at kids for my son. However, Aquafresh enlightened me about this, and yes you can buy lighter toothpaste for kids with milk teeth, but after they start forming their adult teeth, they can use the same Aquafresh toothpaste as the parents. Aquafresh has also started an offer for those who still need to buy the lighter one for their babies, when buying the kids toothpaste, you get the adult one 80% cheaper.

Before I considered Aquafresh to be suitable only for kids and bought a brand that was on promotion for myself. However, after I changed to Aquafresh Complete care, I’ve never been happier with my toothpaste. It doesn’t only give me a fresh breath but it gives me the feeling of complete care for my teeth. With 8 key benefits, this is toothpaste with active minerals for strengthening enamel and purifying breath.  It has 24HR Sugar Acid Protection* provided by fluoride that creates a shield to help protect the tooth surface against sugar acid attack

Aquafresh wanted to thank me for my participation, by letting me offer a chance for one of you to win Aquafresh products for the whole year. In order for you to win, please comment what you are looking for from toothpaste. Three lucky ones can then win the amazing product gift from Aquafresh.

Sponsored by: Aquafresh

(In the picture above you can see an example of a Mum blogger doing collaboration with Libero Touch http://www.idealista.fi/nannakaralahti/ )

The Rationale

Accroding to a Mintel report about oral care; Colgate and Oral-B enjoy high level of brand loyalty, but other brands such as Aquafresh lacks the loyalty. This may be due to the fact, that it is seen basic, boring and has had difficulties in reaching the adult audiences. By using credible bloggers they can reach their target audience, parents, better. Objective is to improve the brand engagement, thus increase their brand loyalty and create positive customer based brand equity.

The collaborations between Aquafresh and bloggers will include short blog posts about the product and how one toothpaste does it all,it is going to be featured as the bloggers typical bedtime routines posts. Hopefully the bloggers will also include the brand in their social media platforms, thus creating more engagement with the consumers and the brand. Tone of voice in these posts will be informative and the core message is ” A choice for the whole family” (suitable for ages 6+).

Mintel report of the evolution of celebrity endorsement in beauty (2016) states that Social media stars, such as bloggers have rise and they have become important influencers. Bloggers can be more cost effective and credible than celebrities, and this cross-category collaboration seems to stay as a powerful trend. 55% of mums trust online consumer reviews more than TV and magazine adverts and women want more from their brand ambassador than simply being a celebrity. In addition, parent focused blogs appeal to different aged mums from millennial’s to baby boomers Therefore, relatable bloggers are seen more trustworthy source of information than popular media adverts.

Dobele et al (2015) states in their report, that brands that contain a human voice and human qualities add engagement between the brand and customers, both current and potential. Creating relevant and interesting blog content can generate these human qualities for the brand. Dobele’s article suggests that Weblog’s enable viral word-of-mouth by sharing ideas, knowledge and referrals, and that new customer occurs through word-of-mouth referrals developed by customer and company blogs. As Mintel report stated (2015) word-of mouth is powerful amongst mothers, therefore collaboration with bloggers can help Aquafresh reach mums and build trust between them.  The report from Mintel states that family health is top of mind for mothers. Hence, a blog post from another mum stating the health benefits and trust towards Aquafresh will appeal to other mums. This can then create word-of-mouth, as well as positive brand associations with Aquafresh.

Lung Hsu et al. suggest in their research (2103) that bloggers recommendations have significant influent towards blog user’s attitudes, especially when intention is to shop online. Even though toothpaste is a low involvement product, and consumer may not seek recommendations on such products, but having someone credible reinforcing the brand can have a positive effect on brand trust and loyalty and build better brand equity.


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