Portfolio Item 4- Snapchat Filter

The Rationale

According to Mintel’s report of oral care (2016) Aquafresh is seen as a boring and old-fashioned brand compared to its competitors. This means, that Aquafresh needs to freshen its brand image and make it more appealing and innovative. Therefore they will introduce a Snapchat campaign. As mentioned before, Aquafresh’s competitors are performing strongly within social media advertising. However, they haven’t yet employed the opportunities that Snapchat offers. This gives an objective for Aquafresh to differentiate them form the competitors and be seen more as a fun and vibrant brand, thus increasing brand engagement.

Anderson’s article about Snapchat in Library high tech news (2015) states; The mobile app Snapchat has become one of the most well-known and fastest growing methods of transient communication. The rise in Snapchat use has been rapid and unprecedented. It provides a unique and genuine way of connecting with consumers, it grabs their complete attention, if only for few seconds. According to Mintel report of social and media networks (2016), Snapchat shows the most potential of communication effectiveness after Instagram. Especially the sponsored filters are claimed to be very successful.

Sloane states in his article ‘6 Things marketers need to know about Snapchat’ in Advertising Age (2017) that the majority of Snapchat users are 18-34 years old. Therefore, it is a way of appealing and reaching the younger parents and creating brand awareness amongst other audiences too. The filter can be used as pastime for the whole family, even if the kids don’t have their own phones. Sloane also states that people visit the app 12- 20 times a day on average and it has 128 million active users, which is more than many of their rivals, such as Twitter. This indicates, that Snapchat offers a good platform for creating brand awareness and engagement with customers.

According to Mintel report of carbonated soft drinks(2016); PepsiCo made a successful campaign using Snapchat. They invited users to upload selfies to the site, using the filter of Pepsi Max Cherry, where the drink appeared to pour into the subject’s mouth before exploding across the lens.

Aquafresh Snapchat campaign will be similar to PepsiCo. There will be a sponsored filter with elements of Captain Aquafresh, such as their red white and blue colors, white teeth and a toothbrush. Aquafresh will encourage users to share these photos in their Facebook and Instagram page using #CaptainAquafresh, and offering prices to the best ones.Tone of voice is fun and the aim of this campaign is to create entertainment for the whole family, thus increasing brand awareness and engagement with the customers.

After this campaign, Snapchat will stay part of their communications, and Aquafresh will post videos of customers using the filter, and these are seen in the MyStory section. Those videos will be about 15-20 seconds, introducing Captain Aquafresh in the end offering help and information to young parents.




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