Portfolio Item 5 – In-Store Digital Advert

The Rationale

Aquafresh is trying to target the parents, as they are seen as kids toothpaste. In order to make it appealing for both adults and kids, they ought to create concepts that will satisfy both needs. Creating excitement and entertainment among the whole family can do this. One way to do this is in-store promotions.

According to Fam et al. in Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (2011) studies show that about two-thirds of brand decisions were made in store. As seen in a graph in Mintel’s report (2015), the third place mums pay most attention to adverts, is in supermarkets. Which, indicates that in-store advertising is the right way for Aquafresh to approach parents. Also Marketingcharts 2009 indicates that adverts in-store are seen more effective than out-store ones. However, in-store advertising can sometimes backfire, if it is seen more as an annoyance and in your face. For this reason, it needs to be creative and engaging, instead of aggressive or boring. Fam et al. also suggest that In-store advertisement is a good way of creating relationships with the customers.

Aquafresh will have an in store digital advert. TV monitors in stores deliver messages, information and entertainment. Digital signage is more effective than a traditional banner. This is due to better quality of image and better engagement with customers, as you can create more innovative options and link it to company’s social media platforms.

Aquafresh’s advert will be a short digital game, so when families go to the store together, they can play a quick game with Captain Aquafresh, and win product prices and share their experiences in social media. The game’s tone of voice will be fun and informative, without forgetting the message “A choice for the whole family”. In addition it is good entertainment for the daily routines such as grocery shopping with families is.

The player needs to recognize food with high sugar, and which food is good for healthy teeth. There will be options, such as, carrots, sweets, coffee or milk, and they need to be placed in to the right basket. Next round player needs to identify if the statement is true or incorrect. Questions can be for example, Is Aquafresh Multi action suitable for everyone aged 6+ ->? Or does chewing gum help you to protect your teeth? In the last round player needs to show how to take care of Captain Aquafresh’s teeth and the daily dental routines for him. If the player gets enough right answers they get a coupon for 80% off from any Aquafresh product. In the end there are also some additional information and links to Aquafresh’s social media and website.

The objective is to create entertainment and engagement with the customers; this will then enhance brand loyalty. Because of the wide reach in-store advertisement has, it will also increase brand awareness.



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