Portfolio Item 6- TV advert/Celebrity endorsement

The Rationale

Marketing to mums Mintel report states that TV is still one of the top advertisement places when trying to reach the attention of parents, who are the target audience for Aquafresh. Therefore Aquafresh will produce a new TV advert. Aquafresh latest TV adverts have been about Captain Aquafresh fighting against sugar. However, these adverts were more appealing to the kids, and in order to appeal to the parents as consumers new TV adverts will be aimed for the whole family.

Spry et al. states in European journal of marketing (2011) that celebrity endorsement has a great influence on brand recognition, brand recall, purchase intention and even purchase behaviour, and it can lead to favourable attitudes toward the endorsed brand. Nevertheless, even with the research that has been made, it can’t be surely said if it has values in terms of developing the brand equity. However, Spry et al. also state that positive relationship between endorser’s credibility and brand credibility can enforce consumer based brand equity. Having a celebrity endorsing Aquafresh,can improve the current reach of adults as consumers.

Aquafresh’s competitors Oral-B and Colgate have both relied on celebrity endorsement, and used influencers such as Shakira, Beyoncé and Leighton Meester. There is no evidence if it has directly influenced to their position in the market, or increased their positive brand equity, however, it seems that it has worked and created positive associations towards the brands. This is why Aquafresh will start a campaign with appropriate and credible celebrities, who are seen as positive images of families, such as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds or supporting the LGBT community Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka.

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The adverts involving celebrities, will keep the message of offering good value for the whole family. Tone of voice is going to be informative and emotional. According to Mintel report of celebrity endorsement; as celebrities open up about their experiences with hygiene, this makes purchasing hygiene products more convenient.

These TV adverts will be aired at times, when the whole family is watching TV together. According to Gough in his article of the benefits of watching television as a family (2016) watching educational TV shows for kids, can be a good learning experience for the whole family. This indicates, that Aquafresh TV advert will be shown around shows such as quiz- or talent shows, when the whole family is watching TV together. This advert will be about 45- seconds long, because according to Ciccarelli (2014) the adverts effectiveness is lost after 45- seconds. The music will be upbeat, and likable for the whole family.

The advert shows the celebrity family brushing their teeth as individuals, but then Captain Aquafresh appears and informs the family how they can all use the same toothpaste and make routines more fun if they are done together, this way the message of a choice for the whole family will be included in the advert. The advert is using the style of combining real life and fantasy world, so that is engaging for the kids and informative for the parents.

SHOT 1 First kid is brushing their teeth, with toothpaste aimed at kids. 4 seconds, slower music
SHOT 2 Second kid is brushing their teeth, with toothpaste aimed at kids. 4 seconds, slower music
SHOT 3 Ryan Reynolds/ David Burtka is brushing their teeth, with an unknown brand of toothpaste. 4 seconds, slower music
SHOT 4 Blake Likevly/ Neil Patrick Harris is brushing their teeth, with unknown toothpaste. 4 seconds, slower music
SHOT 5 Captain Aquafresh shows up, and says. “Stop!” 4 seconds, music stops, and changes into more upbeat and fun.
SHOT 6 Capt. Aquafresh informs the family, how Aquafresh is suitable for the whole family, and how brushing teeth as a family can be much more fun 15 seconds
SHOT 7 The whole celebrity family is seen brushing their teeth together happily with Aquafresh 5 seconds, upbeat music
SHOT 8 Last image of Captain Aquafresh, showing the product and all the legal information and company logo in the last shot with the message “A choice for the whole family”. 5 seconds, upbeat music


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