This blog is for Advertsing Campaign BUSM3629 module. New concepts and ideas for Aquafresh will be introduced and presented as blog posts.

Creative brief

Business objective 

  •  Increase brand awareness and loyalty, and earn higher market share.
  • Increase engagement in Social media and online platforms.

Audience research 

Aquafresh should focus on a wider audience, but with more specific demographics and values. Other audiences would not be disregarded, however, there needs to be one obvious target audience to distinguish where Aquafresh position themselves in the market.

Aquafresh main target at the moment is mums. However, Aquafresh appeals to mums as customers but not as consumers. For this reason, it makes it only a niche market for Aquafresh. Therefore, Aquafresh should try to appeal more to mums and dad as consumers. Increased demand in online communication indicates that the best place to reach them is on different social networks, as well as TV and in-store advertisement, which are effective platforms when reaching parents.

Compared to its competitors Aquafresh is seen as basic and not innovative. Thus, they are in need of fresh, innovative and engaging marketing activities.

Tone of voice 

  • Fun and emotional (appealing for the whole family)
  • Informative
  • E.g. Green Giant, Calpol and Dove

Customer journey 

Firstly, Aquafresh will create awareness by advertising in online networks such as, Netmums and Mumsnet. Secondly they will try to influence the customer by engaging them in social media, e.g. Snapchat and Facebook. Also, trying to cooperate with bloggers, preferably popular mum bloggers, creating trust between the brand and the consumers. After reaching the audience as prospective customer, there will be celebrity endorsement and heavy in store advertisement. This will then hopefully create brand loyalty and reinforce the value of the brand.


  • Aquafresh is a good option for the whole family
  • Offers the same health benefits as their competitors


  • Advertisement on online blogs e.g. mumsnet, netmums
  • Bloggers
  • New TV-Campaign
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Stronger presence in social media channels
  • In Store advertisement

Creative formats: 

  • Blog posts: 300-700 words, reach some bloggers (Mums) and ask them to blog about Aquafresh
  • Videos: 20-30 seconds, 1-2 mins maximum. Shared in social media platforms
  • Print: Netmums, mumsnet, social media, in-store, good for brand recognition, value. Real life families with Captain Aquafresh.
  • TV: new tv campaign, that will be showed during family shows, celebrity endorsement.
  • Digital game: In-store advertisement


  • google analytics
  • evaluate the number of social
  • surveys
  • monitoring the number of enquiries and actual sales.